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About Me
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Well, going by the title, this is about me:

I'm around 14 yrs. old. My name is Roshaun. I go to SMH in Lancaster, NY.  I like to watch stupid old shows like "Captain Planet" to make fun of them. I like 80s music and old school rap like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer. Well, I like geography a lot. I want travel the world when I get older with my friends. I love Xbox too. My favorite country is Italy. Cause I'm Italian.

"I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse"



Favorite Stuff

This is all the junk, yes, I actually like:

Favorite TV Show: South Park
Favorite Movies: The Godfather Parts I, II, III
Favorite Music: Mr. Roboto
Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
People I Most Admire: Myself
Favorite Video Game System: Xbox

Quotes from my good friend Derek Wright:

"I'll roller your coaster."
"I'll Roger your Hammerstein."
"I'll Roger your Rabbit.."
"I'll Rocky your Bullwinkle."
"Yo momma!"
"Jew Dance! Jew Dance!"
"Butt Dance! Butt Dance!"
"Chillin with da Bratz!"

"That's high quality H2O."
                                  -The Waterboy (Adam Snadler)

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